Most comprehensive prenatal single-gene screening test. Conditions screened by Vistara have a combined incidence of 1 in 600 - higher than that of Downs syndrome.


Screened conditions include:

  • Noonan syndrome
  • Achondroplasia
  • Osteogenesis imperfecta
  • Rett syndrome
  • and 21 other single-gene disorders across 30 genes

You can read about all Vistara conditions here 


Vistara has a combined analytical sensitivity and specificity of > 99% in validation studies and no known false positives in commercial experience.


Visata identifies risk for single-gene disorders that may have otherwise gone undectected prenatally.

  • Ultrasound findings are not a reliable indicator
  • Conditions are not detected with standard karyotype or microarray analysis
  • Family history is typically not a good indicator of risk (often de novo)
  • Early identification of these conditions is clinically actionable


Consider Vistara for the following indications

  • Advanced paternal age (older than 40 years)
  • Women who want to know 'everything' or as an adjunct tol CVS or amniocentesis
  • Ultrasound anomalies, such as shortened long bones an increased nuchal translucency