NIPT test: Evita

Evita Test Complete is our most comprehensive fetal genetic screening test, and the only test on the market which gives you a completely accurate picture of all your little one’s chromosomes – completely risk free. It is an entirely unique means of learning how your future child is going to grow and develop, and whether there is anything to worry about. Fortunately, there rarely is.

The test analyzes your baby’s DNA and documents whether there are any significant abnormalities. The chromosomal abnormalities that the test examines include Down Syndrome and Edward Syndrome, but it also screens for a large number of other, lesser known genetic syndromes that can lead to severe life complications for your child.

The test is easily comparable to a placenta biopsy, but unlike the biopsy, Evita Test Complete is completely risk-free.

Evita Test Complete is based on a blood sample, which can be taken from 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. If you want to know your baby’s gender, this is included in the test at no extra cost.

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: DKK 13,500

Evita Test Complete: The most accurate test on the market

Through hyper-advanced technology, Evita Test Complete isolates intact fetal cells in the mother’s blood, and examines all chromosomes. This makes it possible for the test to detect both structural and numerical chromosomal aberrations.

The test screens for microdeletions (e.g. Angelman and Prader-Willi Syndrome) and microduplications down to a size of 5 megabases, using Array-CGH. No other genetic screening test features this level of analytical detail!

Of course, Evita also screens for every well-known syndrome, such as trisomies and sex chromosomal aneuploids, which means you are completely covered with this test.

We recommend Evita Test Complete to anyone who is pregnant with one child, but if you have any questions about the test – or at all – you are always welcome to call us.

What’s included in the test?

  • If you feel the need for guidance before booking your test, or have any questions regarding the process, our lovely staff are more than happy to help you. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you need support of any kind.
  • The test includes a thorough scan of your little one. We check to see if there are any developmental abnormalities (some will be visible on the screen, and vary from week to week).
  • If you already went for a nuchal translucency scan and were given ‘soft markers’, we’ll review these and together investigate what they might indicate for the health of your baby. If you’d like us to, we are happy to measure the nuchal fold again.
  • If your results from the test come back positive (with a high likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities), you are offered a placenta biopsy or amniocentesis as further confirmation. We are happy to refer you to a hospital.

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How does Evita Test Complete differ from other screening tests?

Unlike Harmony and Panorama, both of which analyze fragments of degraded fetal cells, Evita Test Complete analyzes intact fetal cells.

DNA from intact fetal cells makes it possible to analyze all chromosomes, which is why we sometimes refer to this test as our 100 percent risk-free placenta biopsy – it is that accurate. It truly is the Rolls Royce of genetic screening.

Evita Test Complete is for you if:

  • You are pregnant with one child, regardless of conception method or treatments.
  • You are between 10 og 14 weeks pregnant.
  • You or the future father is a carrier of a genetic syndrome (in which case we would like to know which one(s)).
  • Your doctor recommends a placenta biopsy or amniocentesis, but neither is possible or you feel nervous about the procedure.
  • Are overweight.

Evita Test Complete is NOT for you if:

  • You are expecting twins or multiples.
  • You are further along than 14 weeks. After this point, the percentage of fetal DNA in your blood will decrease significantly and impact test accuracy.

Getting your test results

As soon as we receive your results from the lab in the US, we will contact you by phone. We prefer to always call with the test results – both the good and the difficult ones.

In case you would like us to email you instead, please let us know at your appointment. We will send your report in an encrypted email.

In case your test shows that your future baby is going to develop a chromosomal syndrome, one of our experienced doctors will contact you personally with guidance and support to prepare you for future interviews at the hospital. We are also happy to help you with a referral to the hospital, if needed.